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JMVC Professional Services partners with small to medium sized enterprises for all of their financial services and advising needs. JMVC Professional Services combines the expertise of a long-standing, traditional accounting firm with a multidisciplinary team of experts prepared to provide your business with comprehensive support, all in one place.

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Rapidly advancing accounting software and technology have transformed the traditional role of the CPA and the needs of their clients. JMVC Professional Services was founded to meet those needs and to be a trusted partner well beyond tax season.

Simply put, today’s financial experts need a larger toolbox to assist their clients with complex and shifting challenges; JMVC Professional Services has just that. Conceived by a partner at Jenkins, Magnus, Volk & Carrol, P.C., JMVC Professional Services is a knowledge-rich service provider with the ability to fill a variety of roles, including financial services and management advisory, and related support.

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We’re more than a CPA or a financial services provider - we’re your business partner for long-term growth and success.

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